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Hello there, I'm McKinley Johnson and I'm the creator of this web site, Metal Sheds. Welcome! And I hope you take some time to take a look around. There are lots of different types of materials for making sheds. But I'm here to tell you that Metal Sheds are the bomb. Forget all of the other construction materials, just stick with metal. I'll do my best here to write some informative articles and post some cool photos and encourage you to leave a comment. Or, if you have a question, fire away! I'll be happy to help you out any way I can. Cheers!

What Are Shed Kits?

Shed kits were developed to reduce the hassle of building sheds from scratch. A shed kit contains parts that need to be assembled together to build a shed. It also includes detailed plans and step-by-step instructions on how to put the parts together. It should have everything you need for a shed; your only contribution will be your tools and labor.

There are plastic, metal, and wood shed kits to select from. Plastic sheds are very versatile and look good in any setting, may it be in the garden, the backyard or just beside your home. They make great storage units because they are tough and durable. Metal sheds are the cheapest and the easiest to assemble. Wooden sheds may take some time to put together, but it is definitely worth the effort and time when you see the finished product.

There is also another type of shed that uses enhanced polyethylene covers, these tent-like sheds are high grade and have powder coated steel to make the shed sturdier. The steel used for the frame is rust, corrosion and paint chipping resistant. They may not be as visually pleasing as the others, but it does its job by keeping your stored items protected. These kinds of sheds are usually used for small vehicles like bikes, motorcycles and ATVs, and also big equipment like lawn mowers and tractors, but there are bigger tent sizes that can cover something as big as a truck or a small-sized boat or yacht. They are very easy to assemble and require little to no experience to set up.

There are several sizes available in shed kits. There are small storage closets, small sheds, lockers for bikes and motorcycles, sheds that would fit bigger equipment and garages. Customers may view several products from online stores. They can pick what design they want from hundreds of available shed kits and accessories. Some special offers may even include freebies.

Over the years, manufacturers have continuously developed sheds to improve their quality. They were wise to take advantage of modern technology to build tougher and more durable sheds that we have today.

Metal Carports Vs. Garages

A metal carport and a metal garage are both made of galvanized steel and have the same functions – to create a parking spot for your vehicle and to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. To most people, carports and garages seem to be just one thing. So how are they different?

Metal Carports:
The one thing that distinguishes a carport from a garage is that it has no doors. No doors means less or no security at all. Carports usually do not have walls, although some carport kits contain one or two walls that can cover the sides. Sometimes carports even have a back wall. The idea here is just that carports have at least one side open, of course, it is the side where the car would go through. Needing fewer materials to build a carport, they are way cheaper than garages and quicker to assemble. They can also be used for other purposes besides parking cars. Because they are light and portable, you can use them for outdoor parties, when you’re having a barbecue or when you just want some shade from the sun. Carports do not need special flooring. Depending on the model, you can set it on cold hard concrete or have it freestanding on a dirt road or on grass. Since carports do not have a door, its entrance is wide. It prevents your vehicle from being scratched or dented while parking.

Metal Garages:
Metal garages on the other hand, offer more protection for your vehicle. Since they are designed to keep your car fully enclosed, they protect it from bad weather conditions and harsh elements. Since all sides are covered, you will know that your car is safe and snug. Metal garages are more secure than carports because they keep your vehicles enclosed and they have lockable doors. Installed alarm systems give additional security. You can also make the doors easier to roll up and down, swing or slide with automatic door installations. Garages are very versatile in the sense that even though they are mainly there for cars, they can also be used as a storage area for your tools and equipment. Since they keep your stuff hidden from outside, they can double as storage sheds.

There are hundreds of metal carport and garage options to choose from online and in stores. Why choose metal, you may ask? Because it offers years of durability and warranty, ease of use, easy maintenance and assembly. Most of all, because it would save you a lot of money. Metal carports are a better choice for those who are on a tight budget. They are a good alternative for garages. Contact your home improvement center or metal shed dealer to find a good deal on a carport or garage.